How it Works


Create Your Free Profile

Add a friendly photo, a small bio about Yoo, your car, your experience, postcodes where you operate & working hrs.


Accept New Pupils

Once checked & approved, you will start receiving messages from pupils and parents eager to book you.


Earn Money

As a self-employed Driving Instructor, you decide how much you get paid with secure digital payments.

Features that get you Noticed, Earn More & get your time back

The Benefits

Gain Local Students

Work within you preferred postcode or set your own coverage area.

Secure Messaging

All your pupil correspondence in one place, stay GDPR compliant!

Time Management

Decide when you accept new students and how often.

Pupil Management

GDPR Compliant record keeping diary and booking system.

Digital Payments

Earn more, simply by embracing the digital future!

Cancellation Protection

Never lose money again, if a pupil doesn’t turn up for their booking, you still get paid.

No Cash Handling

Secure for you and your students. Lesson fees are paid for digitally.

No Contracts

Don’t be tied to a contract, break free from franchising.

Build Your Reputation

Your reputation is the key to your success, show potential parents and students your worth!

It's all about Yoo!

We make your driving school digitally efficient & increase your earnings.

FAQs is a revolutionary new online platform/marketplace supporting individual driving instructors & members of the public throughout the United Kingdom.

We match driving instructors with new students, with no upfront fee.

Your Live YooDrive portal manages pupil bookings, training resources, payments and accounting in one place, allowing you to easily focus on teaching and growing your business.

We will grow this new service for you over time.

The YooDrive customer service team is also on hand to help you, your pupils, Mums & Dads, wherever possible.

The YooDrive marketplace is highly marketed in your area & removes the need to market yourself to prospective pupils and parents.

YooDrive.Com Launches in and around Glasgow in Beta & will go through a series of rigorous tests, before rolling out to the rest of the UK.

Your Feedback is hugely important to us always.

We are creating a world class on demand system for Driving Instructors & the general public.

Please email us direct with any suggestions -

As an instructor in or around the city, your feedback will help create the future for driving instructors, it's your vision, make it count!

Scotland is known for innovation, together let’s keep that going!

Finding a decent driving instructor is hard for would-be pupils, finding a decent available driving instructor is nigh on impossible!

We help pupils find great local driving instructors at the touch of a button, who can be available within 2 weeks.

On top our pupils benefit from:

  • SMS Text & E-Mail reminders to cut cancellations 
  • Ability to give instructors reviews
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Finance options
  • Insurance Deals
  • Theory Test training 
  • Driving test bookings/cancellations 
  • Life coach, test nerves help
  • Online learning resources 
  • Gift Vouchers

Pupils that come via YooDrive expect the best service possible, we help you give them that.

Unpaid cancellations are a real problem!!

We decided to do something about this!

Every instructor operating via YooDrive, will be paid for their booking slot in the event of a no show student as part of our cancellation protection guarantee.

No need to worry about potential lost revenue. We have your back.

We are always looking for forward thinking instructors to join the YooDrive Community, so we can work with you in order to help grow your business!

To create your free profile, simply click on the ‘Create My Free Profile’ button.

From here, you will be invited to create your instructor profile to showcase your expertise to thousands of eager pupils & parents that visit our site each week.

It doesn’t take long to complete your profile and once you are live we will quickly start matching you.
On your new profile, you just need to add your car (manual – Auto – Both), hourly rates, profile photo, bio, experience, grade and languages + Bank Details (To pay you)
We can help you get set up if you're unsure how to get started.
We can also amalgamate all your online reviews onto your new YooDrive profile, giving you an advantage from the start.
To Do This
Please contact our Instructor Support Team by telephone on 0141-319-5995 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Your instructor profile is your space to sell yourself to potential pupils.

We know from experience that pupils are much happier to contact instructors when they've seen a photo of them.

Let's put a face to the name.

We make sure that every instructor on the platform has a good quality photo of themselves being smart and friendly in order to highlight their professionalism.

We won’t allow anyone to go live on the platform, without an approved photo in place.

Tip: Passport Style Photo With A Smile.

New pupils or parents will message you directly in the message section of your YooDrive portal.

A notification of any new message will be sent to you via SMS Text or via email - whichever you prefer!

Messaging this way forms an efficient way to look back on all your business communications, is GDPR compliant & leaves your phone free for more personal chats.

You can add new bookings directly from your message centre.

For complete flexibility, you decide which pupils to accept.

YooDrive is open to every self employed driving instructor.

Your current franchise should encourage you to find your own work outside the pupils they provide directly.

YooDrive provides you with that, so no need to spend more money & time topping up whatever the franchisor provides.

In order for YooDrive to remain an open and honest platform for the public, we welcome franchised instructors in order to compare against other local instructors.

YooDrive is very different from traditional online lead referral websites charging driving instructors money for the opportunity to take on new pupils.

Here at YooDrive we believe driving instructors should be contacted directly and be the first port of call for consumers to talk to, and not have the need to go through a third party (like a franchise or referral)

YooDrive's self-service platform gives you a free space to showcase your services to thousands of local driving lesson searchers online.

We bring people searching online (Google, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & Snapchat) for driving lessons and steer them in your direction.

An end to selling

We take away the hassle of selling by notifying you that someone in your area has chosen you, pre-paid and now ready for you to start teaching them how to drive. 

You simply book them in (within 2 weeks) and do what you do best, providing them with excellent professional instruction.

As an industry driving instructors have over time tinkered with pricing based on what other instructors charge rather than a fair price, one which covers Instructors' costs & fees such as:

  • Instructor training costs
  • Continued Personal Development costs
  • Marketing Costs
  • Administration Costs (your hourly rate x time)
  • Accountant Fees
  • Car Insurance + Public Liability fees
  • Fuel Costs
  • Franchise Fees
  • Valeting fees
  • Car Leasing or Purchase Costs
  • Vehicle Maintenance costs
  • Fees to DVSA.
  • + Loss of earnings, due to late cancellations

Taking these points into account, coupled with our commitment to offering a truly professional service that driving instruction is, YooDrive will pay out £42 for each hour you book in clients we provide you with.

Using YooDrive for bookings also gives you secured financial protection against late cancellations. Pupils have agreed to terms set out on the platform and pre-paid their hours with a credit or debit card attached to their pupil or parent account.

We have some handy video user guides set up to help you navigate YooDrive.

Yoo can find that here User Guides.