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The Benefits

Save Time

Compare, find and book your preferred instructor all in one place.

Lesson Reminders

Never miss a lesson again, with the help of our push notifications and SMS reminders.


Friends & Family can now help Yoo fund your driving lessons!

Multiple Bookings

Manage multiple bookings, with our diary and student booking system.

Your in Charge

Manage your budget, gift lessons and see historical lessons.

Plan & Share

You can book in advance, structuring learning around their hectic everyday lives!

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If you’re not satisfied, you won’t pay for your lesson.

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First Hand Reviews

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YooDrive is a new online platform that helps the public match and book driving lessons with available, rated, local driving instructors.

Yoodrive finds the best driving instructors in your area and brings them to you all in one place.

Compare – Message – Book – Pass Test.

A stringent vetting process is in place at YooDrive with regards to the Instructors that you see to allay any fears you may have with regards to their credibility, professionalism and/or performance.

We check them out, so you don’t have to!

We wish to ensure that you have an outstanding experience with YooDrive and for your child to meet all the standards needed in order to pass the driving test & remain safe on the road.

Our Customer Support Team is always on hand to help with any queries/issues you may have.

We will contact you from time to time to make sure your happy with the service you receive from our team and your chosen instructor.

You can contact our Customer Support Team by phone on 0141 319 5995 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

If you would like to email us, you can do so at 

You can also contact us through our  contact page.

For the financial safety of both parties, our Instructors do not accept cash and all lessons are booked through the platform.

We offer a starter pack to get you going within 2 weeks, this will be either for 5 hrs or 10 hrs of tuition with your chosen instructor.

Your money is then entered into your personal balance, with each hour booked by your instructor charges will be debited from that, 24hrs after each booking has been completed.

To create further bookings with your chosen instructor, you must attach a payment card to your account to be debited after each lesson/booking has taken place.

Your chosen instructor will raise each booking, you will then be requested to confirm the date and time by a notification sent by email.

We'll always send you a reminder email and SMS, 24 hours before each lesson and a receipt 24 hours afterwards, so you won't forget your time slot.

We know that sometimes life happens, so you're welcome to cancel any bookings you need to with no charge if they're cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the start time.

You can manage all of your bookings from your dashboard or contact us to help if you're stuck.

Yes, you can add up to 6 students to your parent account.

To do this, simply send an invite from your dashboard & we will take care of the rest. .

Upon sign up, each student can interact and take lessons with different instructors simultaneously.

Each will also have their own account balance, created from any crowdfund requests from their own account or from any gift vouchers they may have received.

With the cost of driving lessons having been on the increase recently due to the pandemic & the subsequent rise in inflation, we thought we would make life a little easier for Yoo.

YooDrive’s revolutionary crowdfund lessons facility, helps students and parents spread the cost of funding amongst extended family & friends, lessening the financial burden on sometimes you alone.

From your child’s 16th birthday, they can now place these gifts within a dedicated learn to drive platform.

That means come 17 and with new knowledge, they will be more than ready to start the ‘coming of age’ that is learning to drive.

Yoodrive is designed to assist your son or daughter in all things in order to pass all the UK driving tests required in the safest & shortest time possible.

“Luck, is when preparation meets opportunity”

Some of our Driving Instructors do offer crash courses (space in diary permitting).

Where YooDrive differs from other online companies offering crash courses is that you deal directly with an instructor of your choosing, you also get instant availability of this service. .

All Bookings via YooDrive incur £0.00 in booking fees. (Always)

Warning: Elsewhere online we have seen booking fees from some unscrupulous crash course companies reach as much as £150 & Non Refundable - yes we were shocked too, always check the small print.